Application for Membership

We are pleased to announce that the Maharliccan Coven Circulo Externus is now opening its doors to accept new members. The Maharliccan Coven Circulo Externus practices the Draconic Wiccan Tradition. The  Draconic Wiccan Tradition to explain it in simpler terms is a tradition that incorporates the magickal energies of the Dragons in all our ritual works. We are located in Cavite. We usually hold our weekly workshops every week to make sure our members are trained in the ethical use of Magick. Applicants should be 18 y/o and above. For Further Inquiries please call 09061774489/09157193438/09329809969 email: Location:,120.922254&spn=0.006795,0.007274&ctz=-480&t=m&cid=14068197643350012190&z=17  Note: On the google maps please click on the star to see the location accurately. 

Maharliccan Dragon Clan

maharliccan logoThis is a brief description of our group and who we are. We are a group of pagans from the Philippines who are geared towards the study of Dragon Magick and Dragon Lore. Well, we know that this is such a very extraordinary path and we’ve searched high and low for teachers in our magickal journey. We started with Draconic Wicca and later own developed an inner circle within our Dragon Clan. The Outer Circle is composed of the new members of the group who are engaged in studying esoteric knowledge so they can further discover and cultivate their own gifts. Our inner circle is composed of our founding members. We have gradually developed our own style of Magick which is very ceremonial in nature. We hope to post more of our activities in this blog so that the seekers who want to study Dragon Magick can also have a glimpse of what we do in our clan. Suggestions, Comments are more than welcome. 

Of Dragons and Magick

307118_10150335181299173_810739192_nThe practice of  Dragon Magick  is a very long and tedious journey made up of constant studying, research and a lot of patience but in the end when I look back at my Journey I want to be proud that I did everything I could in this lifetime to learn, teach and lead.